366 18 June 2019

Let's have your orders please........ 😋.over and out 😁⁣

available :⁣


1. pineapple juice ⁣
2. watermelon ⁣
3. pineapple and ginger⁣
4. orange juice⁣
5. mango juice ⁣


1.granola bars ⁣

link is in bio.⁣

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@princezzpre June 2019

How much is the juice

@mummynextdoor June 2019

Is that my order?😂

@breemam_ventures June 2019

I should do pineapple and mango juice this week

@kahdyglams June 2019

My order coming through soon

@ankara_remmies June 2019

Pineapple with ginger and granola bar for me please

@morphunnigeria June 2019

Should be patronizing you soon

@omos_closet June 2019

Orders coming in shortly..

@candace_delights June 2019

Your pineapple juice is wonderful👌👌👌

@crosswordcw June 2019

I love the options, well done👍

@fxkiddies June 2019

I want pineapple juice

@fxkiddies June 2019

I want pineapple juice

@mykelicraft_world June 2019

Happy selling, kudos to d brand

@freshjuice0107 June 2019

Let's have all orders in dm please

@impeccablestyle01 June 2019

More sales to you ma'am

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