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“it’s in my blood to do makeup,” says madrona redhawk (@madroni_redclock ), a 17-year-old high school student and makeup artist from las vegas, nevada. “i’m native american — choctaw, creek and shawnee,” says madrona. “shawnees were into makeup, augmentation and piercings – really dramatic stuff.”
today on our igtv and story, madrona creates a dramatic makeup look of their own. 👀
photo by @madroni_redclock

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@darazx7 كلميني دايركت ضروري!!

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Sviđa mi se. 💖🧡💜💛❤️❣️💞

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This is awesome!

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امیدواریم همیشه موفق باشین.
به صفحه ما هم سر بزنین ، خوشحال میشیم

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How much make-up you need girl ps looks nicw

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Όμορφη !!!!!!!!

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Why is instagram so obsessed with face-art/make-up?

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This is awesome :)

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