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#oilers entertainment group has hired tom anselmi as president of business operations & chief operating officer. welcome aboard, tom! #letsgooilers

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@jc_fiveightfive June 2019


@shawnkitta83 June 2019

Welcome to the sh*t show.

@_jiffs_ June 2019

The situation in ottawa #sens wasn't a tire fire at all. this can only be a positive hire...

@prescottspammmmm June 2019

Welcome to oil country tom

@kmeleskie June 2019

The tommy ansel burger doesnt have a great ring to it 🤔

@ajtoker June 2019

Welcome tom. glad to have you here!

@tris.hopp June 2019

Just what they need! another member of the (really) old boys’ club 🤦🏼‍♂️

@tazanas June 2019

@nmack777 🙄 at least we have 🦖

@chris_randall5 June 2019

He doesnt know what he’s in for

@puck_prowess June 2019

If you root for a team whose city starts a-e hit my profile and comment on your squad

@phil_d.3nis June 2019

Edmonton doesn’t need an entertainment crew they’re management are a bunch of clowns already

@rjr_riley June 2019

More lucic type signings coming.

@cm90213 June 2019

Ummm senators aren’t exactly sitting pretty so not sure about this one

@christina.mcleod.338 June 2019

Welcome too my favorite team...i still believe in them...ty

@katka_liginhl June 2019


@danpaniccia June 2019

The ansel hot dog, never tastes very good

@mumbles23 June 2019

Jermey clarkson???

@ohme_edm June 2019

Welcome to the end of your career.

@ohme_edm June 2019


@consigndesignyeg June 2019

So many negative comments. how could you be oilers fans?

@heritagestickco June 2019

Great hire! a man who is for the people!

@12joe72 June 2019

We are all very impressed that the edmonton oilers are revamping their office staff why don't you start revamping our team so we can finally become competitive a challenge for the cup we have the best player in the world and you're treating him like he's a second-rate player make some player personnel changes get off your a***s

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