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Bikini k**l — the feminist punk band credited with helping to launch the #riotgrrrl movement of the 1990s and writing its anthem, “rebel girl” — played its first new york show since the band broke up in 1997, last week. a lot had happened in those 22 years, and yet, the sound of thrashing instruments and women screaming seems more relevant than ever. these are some of the fans who showed up — many of them surprisingly young, from places as far-flung as minneapolis, montreal and florida. check out the link in bio to read what they had to say…minus the cursing (sorry, not very punk of us). 🤘📸: @vnina for @nytimesfashion

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These are such lovely portraits @vnina!

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Nice 🌟 new york is luckily a cultural boiling p*t for all people, with all sorts of diverse events and programs happening all the time! 🙌🎉 follow us for updates on everything the city has to offer, and help support our manhattan-based small business!! 😊

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Can you tag us in the first photo? 😍 @siouxsiecupcakes @sirensixxkiller

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@alien__she i see u 👀!

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@vnina love

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Me and @strawberryjuliuss on 5th photo

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@vnina 😍😍

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Awesome post!

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