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#cannes you believe it? sundy jules (@sundyjules ) sure can’t. the 20-year-old french creator is at the cannes film festival for the first time. “i’m excited for everything,” sundy says. “the films, the beach, the parties, hanging out with my friends, but definitely mostly excited for the films.”
do you know how to say “walk the red carpet” in french? 🤔 find out from sundy in a little quiz we like to call #gameon, on our story now.

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@kunitskii._vladimir 3 days ago

Хуйня, хуйнёй! Я САМЫЙ ЛУЧШИЙ!!!!))) И ТОЧКА! 😉💪💪

@rwa9o6 3 days ago


@jhoannaburguete 2 days ago

Oh cute

@kiko_sol 2 days ago

Hi ig! i've contacted you guys on multiple occasions about not having some of the instagram features. i used to have all of them on my @bellelongueur account, this is my second account, but after a recent update they have disappeared. i don't even have the option to add a post to my story at all and i am not the only one with this issue either. i barely have all the features on this account as well. please help fix this as i would like to use ig to it's full capacity especially since i am trying to grow my brand. thank you!

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@_j_e_e_v_a_n_z_ 2 days ago

Sprt bck bro

@elisageb 2 days ago

Marcher sur le tapis rouge ahahha

@jmaehatadjdjdn88 Yesterday


@yek_hale_khoob_tabriz Yesterday

یه حال خوب لحاظات خوبی را برای شما ارزومند است لطفا پیج ما را فالو نمائید

@kaywest.xr Yesterday


@1bez Yesterday


@tablo_sardar2018 Yesterday

خیلیی خوبه[😄][😉][😊][😄][😉][😊]

@_naught_boy_kalu Yesterday


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@aleksmalek 22 hours ago

Thought this was long haired @logic

@molly_pasdera 20 hours ago

Frick you

@natures__joy_ 15 hours ago


@natures__joy_ 15 hours ago


@an.as1496 14 hours ago

Vad i hella

@christellembogsi 13 hours ago


@hannah_afirimu 9 hours ago

You bless🔥🔥🙌

@khadija.yazzioui 7 hours ago


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