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Choreographers shivani bhagwan (@shivanibhagwan ) and chaya kumar (@chayakumar ) are the brains behind bfunk (@bfunk ). “bfunk stands for the two styles of dance that we teach: bhangrafunk and bollyfunk,” explains shivani. “it’s a fusion between elements of our western upbringing and our eastern roots,” explains chaya. “our heritage is woven through every fiber of our work. dance is not a recreation in india; it’s a part of our culture. it’s a means of celebration. it’s a means of storytelling. it’s a means of communication.”
according to shivani, “#apaheritagemonth is wonderful because it promotes education, drives conversation and builds awareness, and that is the birthplace for growth.”
photo of @bfunk by @pavithraphotos

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@boroozzz 4 weeks ago

أنتي ناااااااار اليمين يبخت راعي النصيب أنتي وحده ☑️فرس ناقصج خيااااال يروظج

@_nzau_ 4 weeks ago


@aalrmahy002 4 weeks ago

وراك الدنيا كلهه بعيني مهجوره؛
يالعايف وراك كلوب مكسوره؛
المصور ليش ماخله بصورك باب؛
حتى اكعد بصفك وانته بالصوره؛

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@kumarrana522 3 weeks ago

Nice looks

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@fahadkhan9585 3 weeks ago

Soo cute

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@faezeh.mohemedi 2 weeks ago

به نظرت وزنت زیاد نیس

@okereebimi 2 weeks ago


@okereebimi 2 weeks ago


@djafarov__official 2 weeks ago

Красивая слов нет ❤️🔥

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@frouiss 4 days ago


@frouiss 4 days ago


@habilakon 3 days ago

It is cool

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