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For most dogs, having to wear a medical collar is not typically a good look. this ongoing “cone of shame” (#coneofshame) photo project set out to change that. “i wanted to take that sad moment and twist it into something beautiful and majestic — to take the shame out of the cone,” says winnie au (@winniewow ), who photographed various dogs wearing custom sculptural cones created by costume designer marie-yan morvan (@marieyan ). “these dogs have not recently had surgeries,” winnie adds. “they were all dogs photographed in good health who were comfortable wearing a cone.”
winnie is currently selling prints of the project and donating a portion of the proceeds to animal haven’s recovery road fund (@animalhaven ) for rescue dogs in need of urgent help, “so that all the dogs of the world can get the medical care they need and wear their cones proudly,” winnie says. check out more pups who proudly turned their cones of shame into a fashion statement, today on our story.
photo by @winniewow

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