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100k... one hundred thousand people liking and supporting me and my content, i can't believe all the love i received and am receiving from you guys, i don't know what i did to deserve all of this support, all of your kind messages, comments, emails, story mentions and i thank you all so so much for sticking by me, either if you're new to this account or if you've been following for a long time, thank you🙏🏻❤️ i want you to know that i read everything you guys write me and even if sometimes i'm not able to reply and skip some comments or dms, i just want you to know that i'm trying my best to keep track but you guys are so manyyy, we're becoming a very huge family so if i don't reply please keep this in mind and know that i genuinely love you all so very much❤️ huge giveaway for our huge family coming soon, turn post notifications on to keep track! one hundred thousand times thank you❤️
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100k... cento mila persone che sostengono me e i miei contenuti, non riesco a credere a tutto l'amore che ho ricevuto e che ricevo da parte vostra, non capisco cosa ho fatto per meritare tutto questo sostegno, bellissimi messaggi, commenti, email, menzioni nelle storie e vi ringrazio moltissimo per esservi affiancati a me, che voi siate nuovi a questo account o che mi seguiate da molto, grazie🙏🏻❤️ ci tengo che voi sappiate che io leggo tutto quello che mi scrivete e anche se certe volte non riesco a rispondere o salto qualche commento o messaggio, ricordatevi che sto dando del mio meglio nel cercare di star dietro a tutti voi ma siete in tantissimiii, stiamo diventando una famiglia gigantesca e voglio che sappiate che vi amo tantissimo❤️ uscirà presto un giveaway gigantesco per la nostra grandissima famiglia, attivate le notifiche relative ai post! cento mila volte grazie❤️

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@sb__boss_la May 2019

En fait pourquoi tu fais ça c'est ridicule

@stokedasmr May 2019

Hey! me and my sister just posted our first shot at an asmr video youtube! we would love if you would check out the link in our bio❤️

@nameless.nightmare May 2019

Pls follow me ❤️❤️

@tessrdyck May 2019

Awesome congrats🌹🌹🌹🌹

@varal997126 May 2019

А где можно купить крутой слайм?

@samad.suri May 2019

What is this material?

@cute_soft_slimes May 2019

Do you ship internationally

@ya_girl_justice21 May 2019

100 k

@jezzysbooks May 2019

Cool 😎

@selada_by_basia May 2019


@selada_by_basia May 2019

Cool 😅

@dudaoshikawa May 2019

Minha filha é apaichonada por slimes

@clarissa_bistocchii May 2019


@haoxiang.zhu May 2019

I think this is a pretty good job so far bro

@marcelita1870 May 2019

. . ñ? p om ñ?. plrñp

@lil_raptor_ May 2019

This must be what the aliens do to the cows they abduct

@idontknowiidk May 2019

Oddio questo slimeee💖💞💘💗💘💗

@tara.n449 May 2019

آقا من از اینا میخوام، اسمشون چیه کجا هست؟؟

@raulstelian May 2019

Grazie mille

@unn.bunn May 2019

Quick sand 😘😘

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@3dr3d76 June 2019


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