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Lavender holo gloss💄lavender scented!
if you could go on a holiday for free, where would you go? i would go to the bahamas🏝
personal account @fedzampo
lavender holo gloss💄 al profumo di lavanda!
hai la possibilità di andare in vacanza gratuitamente, dove andresti? io andrei alle bahamas🏝
account personale @fedzampo

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@vxlececilix May 2019

Australia / giappone

@maddog_beast May 2019


@lelelachelle May 2019

Nice 💕 !! would love your thoughts on my last post 🙏🏾

@itz_mahitha May 2019

Do u guys have a website where i can buy slime???

@athina.alexiadou May 2019

@spitishoot να εμενα αυτο μπορει να με τρελανει 😍

@summerskyhealth May 2019

That's amazing slime

@itz_becccaaa_06 May 2019

I’m going to the bahamas in august🌴x

@jindaqx May 2019

@p.ectrn.p erasmus azraya yazdımı yazdysa anlat

@iconic._.kyliee May 2019

Bora bora!

@loisdianah May 2019

Ugh i hate when the poke their fingers in it ewwwww

@just_clarise May 2019

That's not holographic 😑💿

@high_end_tide_shoes May 2019


@nayu.nation May 2019

Teach me how to make one😭😭😭

@gymcrazyhallie May 2019

The caribbean

@ibaazehraa May 2019

Where can i get these slimes?

@amandadefrias May 2019

Japan 🇯🇵

@unn.bunn May 2019


@crystalcrosbythehairlair May 2019

I just discovered you and i am soooo in love with this💗💗🤗🙏🤗🙏

@book_dewberry June 2019

L the slime very beautiful

@stillgotrhythm June 2019

Man you are so underrated 🤭💕

@callielatimer last month

I would love to go to italy 🇮🇹

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