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Shine bright like a diamond💎
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your battery percentage represents how great your summer is going to be on a scale of 1 to 100🔋
la percentuale della tua batteria indica quanto sarà bella la tua estate su una scala da 1 a 100🔋

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@ella_albeee May 2019

Crackhead hah🤠

@iino.adachi May 2019

100 uwu

@vtslimebakery May 2019

88 pretty good👍🏻

@peachybubbz May 2019

Me trying to cover up my acne with glitter

@gymcrazyhallie May 2019

What a beauty

@faty.ssj19 May 2019


@iclalimmsii May 2019

@sudeaarslan25 düğün makyajım

@pimpgrapesoda May 2019

Don’t blink to hard

@ftmhsdy21 May 2019


@k.eira_102 June 2019


@rr_9m June 2019

I just had a look at your photos. your perspective is normal but composition is great! just wanted to say 😉✌

@pineapple_swirls26 June 2019


@queen_nyasia_1st June 2019

That's not what rhianna meant when she said shine bright like a diamond

@rebeccaritchiex June 2019

Was this a pain to get off?😂

@pfpxluvzz June 2019


@sloankreig June 2019


@braeleighflips June 2019


@757miya July 2019

Yay a face reaveal but 98%

@halloween_haunts_official last month

Is this u

@_billie.aquaphor last month


@natalie__rta 3 weeks ago

Много блёстков😮😍😍😍😍

@ana.roman_09 2 weeks ago

You'll see what he's going to coat to take it away.

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