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My problem with planters is i always end up using them for my own plants! 😯 i am trying to get planters back into the production rotation, spring is time for them! i hope to have at least a few for the next website update at the end of the month. which colors or designs would you want for a planter? @valeri_aleksandrov might even be making a glacier one... ❄️❄️ #forestceramic #handmade #planter #ceramicplanter #coloredporcelain #spring #mayflowers #orcasisland #rainbows #vase #ceramics #smallbusinessowner

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@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@ellen_edibleart thank you!🙏❤️

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@eliselynn0 🙏❤️

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@jmg_35 i will be making more for sure. thank you!

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@minduits careful what you wish for 😃🙏❤️

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@finita70 i sell my work on my website. working on another update. make sure you are on our mailing list. cheers

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@finita70 forestceramic.com

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@vinallabean i have so many colors to play with it’s impossible to make two alike :)

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@maria.kim.jensen 🙏❤️

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@jaime.meahl thank you so much!

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@schmackomiller trying to picture the color combo in my head 🙏❤️

@merylynshaw 2 weeks ago

Beautiful. 💙

@cinnabunicorn42 2 weeks ago

@forestceramicco nothing’s better than the light scent of lilac! except your pottery of course 😍

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@cinnabunicorn42 too kind!❤️

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@merylynshaw thank you 🙏❤️

@bethanysheesleypottery 2 weeks ago

Omg i love the one on the left 💗

@jamalisaeeideh 2 weeks ago


@jackieywillie 2 weeks ago

Espectacular!! 😍😍 donde puedo hacer pedidos??

@schmackomiller 2 weeks ago

@forestceramicco you are really close with the cup i bought from you. just instead of the dark blue-gray in the center, you use a pink.

@schmackomiller 2 weeks ago

I sent you a photo

@_saa98 2 weeks ago

متفاعله طلقه ⚡

@breyenc 2 weeks ago

@catcough235 don't you think the two on the ends (in the first photo) would look spectacular in our apartment?

@magda_by_heart 2 weeks ago


@tigrin23 2 weeks ago

Perche' lilla

@mrsmanuelvaldez 2 weeks ago


@alliw1975 2 weeks ago


@spacesnail 2 weeks ago

Oh my, i need a planter or 5😮😍

@janetnorberg 2 weeks ago

Can i order this ? @forestceramicco

@ellis_d_tripp 2 weeks ago

How could you not?! if i made 'em i would end up finding plants to put in just to keep em. they are really quite lovely.

@maegan_rose_ 2 weeks ago


@catcough235 2 weeks ago

@breyenc agreed! seriously stunning

@_sincerelyjasmine_ 2 weeks ago

Something that looks like a 🌅

@mel_gotta_sleep 2 weeks ago

@big_robo_ please show your mum these because i think she’d love them (the whole insta page) ty xxxx

@vinallabean 2 weeks ago

@forestceramicco i love that, that's what makes it fun!

@waxents_melts 1 weeks ago

Your creations are so awesome!! what about making a design that looks like ocean waves in different hues of blue & aqua colors? 🌊💙💚

@_.cc1 5 days ago


@kaelihod 5 days ago

If i purchased a planter can/will you ship to the east coast (boston area)? your work is incredible!

@forestceramicco 5 days ago

@kaelihod absolutely! i ship worldwide. cheers

@bretanna 5 days ago

Ooooo oo i want that middle orange and black one

@mazin_alansari 5 days ago

Okay, finally i found it!.. i prefer something demonstrating nature or flowers for planter design. or you can use just same designs of mugs to be delivered as sets.

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