3,102 22 May 2019

Coming down from a whirlwind of a week in nyc. so much to share, but today it’s all about family and rest and game of thrones (ha!). the catch-up can wait. πŸ’™

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@buenobrandi May 2019

Got!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

@nlegainsss May 2019


@nlegainsss May 2019


@thisisveda May 2019


@clarycollection May 2019

And billions

@rosedangelodesigns May 2019

Happy mama's day, ms. james πŸ’–

@itsnicodeluca May 2019


@poetryislove.it May 2019


@jlbabe May 2019


@juliacarevic May 2019

Love the carpet

@shutterbean May 2019

Whoa!!!!!! i have that rug!!!

@salome_mercenaire May 2019

Enjoy!! no spoilers please as we only get to watch it on monday here...... βš”οΈπŸ›‘πŸ—‘

@_sina_kazemi_ May 2019

It is iranian rug?

@faisalsarwar May 2019


@baileynichols_ May 2019

Happy mother’s day to a strong momma, love you !!!

@kimlo10 May 2019

Glad spikey ball makes an appearance @thisisveda ❀️

@rlwitte72 May 2019

Happy mother’s day !

@nadia999s May 2019

This isn’t apartment 5c
85th west & amsterdam is it?
do all west side stories look the same?

@habib_rahman_2620 May 2019


@aiden.fx last month


@vizcaino4971 last month

😍😍😍 b b n mb. b vghh

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