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Nothing more beautiful than crispy bottomed panfried dumplings with red chili oil. revisited this potsticker recipe & made some adaptations to it on my blog! give it a try— the filling is a juicy combination of shiitake mushrooms, chives, and cabbage pre-sautéed with rice wine and soy sauce, it’s loaded with flavor and i could eat it by the spoonful
but hope you all have a wonderful saturday! i’ll be spending my day packing and cleaning my apartment and getting distracted by spotify playlists and trying not to sneeze (thanks, dust mite allergy)

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@klereesenewall last month

@joshwaa_newall i really wana make some of these 😍

@theeplants last month

Really nothing more beautiful. they look soooo yumm😍

@mewayne last month

Great photograph of #potstickers, one of my new favourite foods! cc: @siwinfoods @costco _canada @costco please keep stocking my favourite brand.

@fulfilled.food last month


@melbournefoodlistings last month


@themindfulhapa last month

Crispy bottom dumpling might be my favorite thing ever 👏🏽👏🏽

@1h._.r last month


@markwallace1234_ last month


@sofiasoprano last month

@seliel ve esta cuenta, está genial 🤤

@emelieck last month

Yum yum @ememaj 😋

@chavarria4151 last month


@chavarria4151 last month

@nbulka check her page ! her cooking is delicious 😋 and the pics are 👌🏼

@joe_razon last month


@happy_balancedlife last month

I have to make these😍

@exclusion.dieter last month

Nommmmmm 😍😍😍

@vegetarisk_kokbok last month


@vikktorin last month

@lenanikk lovely new account to follow! 😍 i’ll be trying to make these today

@raisaress last month

They look amazing! would love the recipe! thanks

@oslo_reinhart 5 weeks ago

Stunning !

@natzsnackz 4 weeks ago


@musicformybrain 4 weeks ago

A favourite of mine.

@nutriciously_ 3 weeks ago

Dumplings are the best! now i feel like i totally lost myself in your stunning feed 😁

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