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Norma miller, known as the “queen of swing,” who danced the #lindyhop on harlem sidewalks as a child and later made it a jazz age jitterbug craze, died this week at 99. she was the youngest recruit and last survivor of the original lindy hoppers, the all-black dance troupe that broke in at harlem’s savoy ballroom and popularized the lindy hop in broadway shows, on tours of europe and latin america, and in hollywood films. “black girls didn’t have many outlets,” she said decades later. “you had laundry. you had hairdresser. or teacher. now, i didn’t qualify for any of those. i could dance. i could just do it naturally.” with her own black companies, she joined early fights to undermine segregation in miami beach and las vegas nightclubs and casinos, where black entertainers drew big crowds but afterward had to leave through the kitchen and stay in segregated accommodations. more about her remarkable life a the link in bio. 📸: michael ochs archives/getty images

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What a talent!

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This picture is amazing

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Wow she is amazing!!

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@jc_sevea info that could be on your lsat

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Very sad. anyone who’s watched ken burns’ jazz knows who she is. important to keep these stories alive as generations pass.

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We just saw her commenting on ella fitzgerald in the documentary “just one of those things”. great lady. cheers to the famous lindy hoppers!

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Rip 🙏

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I love this .....🙌🏿.... oops they better get to church

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