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We want to give a giant welcome to all our new followers! if you’re new around here, a fun fact about us is we strive to regularly dive into exploration and develop new surface designs, so we keep prototypes of some of our work as a constant reminder of what we’ve achieved. there are unlimited possibilities with colored porcelain, and that’s best part of our time spent in the studio! the best way to stay updated about what we’re up to in the studio is to sign up for our e-mail list. link in bio to sign up! we send our newsletter every month and pick a random winner from all of our subscribers. we have a feeling that we won’t get away with just a single in-mail giveaway and already brainstorming of what we are going to offer in the upcoming weeks. may be i will part with a piece from my own collection? comment your favorite bellow! thank you all so much for following along!❤️🙏🥰

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@maricakesthinkblue 3 weeks ago

@utopias.place ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏾

@pooba246 3 weeks ago

I really need to learn how to do this

@oncemoreuntothebeach 3 weeks ago

As a mom of two kiddos on the autism spectrum, i am in love with the puzzle piece one. keep meaning to go out to orcas and see your stuff for real!

@bunnylab421 3 weeks ago

They are all breathtaking ❤️ signing up for email.

@heather_pedersen 3 weeks ago


@queensaladini 3 weeks ago

I live for the black outer layers with colorful layers carved out. those are gorgeous. you really do amazing work, and i'm glad instagram recommended me something amazing for once 😂☺

@unicorn1073 3 weeks ago

They’re all beautiful hard to pick just one @forestceramicco

@zuz_burova 3 weeks ago

Amazing rainbow colors almost in every piece. love it!

@akreger29 3 weeks ago

I’m an art teacher and your work is really inspiring to my students!

@amberlee32 3 weeks ago

I love every single piece, but especially the galaxy ones.

@roman._97 3 weeks ago


@oceangirl1202 3 weeks ago

Stripes, waves, swirls of color and blues. they are all so beautiful, it's hard to pick one.

@brittanyloop3272 2 weeks ago

My favorite is the planetary cups!! love love love!

@brettashleybailey 2 weeks ago

Love so many!!
i really love the green and blues that look like waves! 🌊

@huckleberryproduction 2 weeks ago

Wow! these are amazing!

@ratuhrbl018 2 weeks ago

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@huckleberryproduction 2 weeks ago

The planet one ✨

@fetita.aia.cutee 2 weeks ago

Can i but?

@half.full.nutrition 2 weeks ago

The blue slip rainbow carved pieces 😍😍😍 ughhh need

@benyaminaskarian 2 weeks ago

Very nice😍

@gigivilla31 2 weeks ago

I love love love the space/galaxy pieces!!! they’re beautiful i’m obsessed with watching your videos! 😍

@sarah4208 2 weeks ago

These are amazing! i can watch you all day

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@gigivilla31 thank you so much! it’s been my best selling design. making more as we speak ❤️

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@sarah4208 thank you thanks!

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@fetita.aia.cutee yes. check out my website and sign up to our newsletter! cheers

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@oceangirl1202 🙏❤️

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@akreger29 thank you so much!🙏❤️

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@oncemoreuntothebeach if you visit the island, shoot us an email and we’d love to give you a studio tour! 🙏❤️

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@pooba246 i teach 4 workshops this year @claybythebaysf .

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@ktoarts 😂🙏❤️

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@lunarcatan thank you!

@forestceramicco 2 weeks ago

@autumnnflowers we are going to have a website update by the end of the month. make sure you are on the mailing list. cheers

@clayoffaith 2 weeks ago

I'm mesmerised by them all 😍

@stolen_lene 2 weeks ago

The white tall one is my favorite, just gorgeous ✨🤩👌🏻✨

@oncemoreuntothebeach 2 weeks ago

@forestceramicco that would be terrific! thank you!

@vincent.j.olivia 2 weeks ago

Are their lids that can go with the cups and tumblers?

@maddie_cree 2 weeks ago

@rheisler123 the carved blue tea cup is sublime

@gingerraja 2 weeks ago

I can't stand it! these are the most beautiful creations....seriously. if i had to choose just one, the black one with the yellow/orange swirly cutouts that looks as though its lit from within is my favorite.

@alisamcgrath1960 6 days ago

I love the puzzle cup. i have a daughter on the autism spectrum. and 2 nephews as well. 😍😍💖💖

@sue_metze 44 minutes ago

So beautiful

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