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100,000 followers‼️🙏🏼💯 wow we appreciate each and every one of you so much! thank you for being along for the journey as we stumble through this. to celebrate, @thenaughtyfork stopped by to break out the giant bento box we originally made with @hellthyjunkfood! to see how we made it click the video link in bio.

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@jessica_c14 May 2019


@stephaniedory5816 May 2019

Yes, please!! 😋😋😋

@tinywandereradventures May 2019

Omg i can’t believe i missed this fabulous place first stop this winter!!

@greenimages May 2019

Proud to say we’ve been along with you since the very beginning! it is so exciting to see all of this happening for you! congratulations! more to come i’m sure! 🎉🍱❤️

@kumihorestaurant May 2019


@astaamv102 May 2019

O fuc god i so so so food now baby

@tomkay_ May 2019


@vlwebb08 May 2019

@hiimshane90 here ya go 👀 😁

@ramadhanomer May 2019

@mona khoudry

@paddu008 May 2019


@alina.salamakha23 May 2019


@liongivan May 2019

@rizkadoo @rangga_pr @adrianjanapriya93 kalian kalo buka puasa pasti porsinya segitu.. 😏

@yo_tallent May 2019

@keeley_maddox we need to go!

@han_banan._ May 2019

How much does this huge bento cost?

@soliapanchebealti last month

@yvettesoliszayas :: check our this pic. this is the place i want to try when i visit you!!

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