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Holy guacamole 😭🙏❤️ thank you so much @instagram for featuring me and my partner @valeri_aleksandrov work and process ! thank you all of you who joined our page! we’ve gotten over 100 dms and so many comments in the last hour and more are rolling every minute. it’s impossible to respond to you all in time! we send our monthly newsletter with available work for each update! we are beyond excited to share some new work coming up in the next few weeks! please, please bare with us and if you have an urgent question, send us an email to make sure your comment doesn’t get lost! we are doing our best to stay in touch and be responsive! ❤️🙏😭
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@chongwitme May 2019

@pottery_girl this guy is amazing

@sue_metze May 2019

Mesmerizing... i could watch this all day. absolutely amazing!!!

@the_indigo_crafters May 2019

@forestceramicco what are the color coats that you put on this? it looks soo amazing

@magcakedesigner June 2019

How do i get this tool?

@karmenfox June 2019

@meetdorit your ig story of josh smith’s exhibit immediately made me think of this guy’s work

@alphawolf2 June 2019

How can i get something made like this?!?

@mikewiltse June 2019

@maul.ed i just saw this after we talked about ceramics.

@jan_amany.kz June 2019


@josefinewajna June 2019

Vill inte göra något annat nu @riduzh

@makiyajniystol June 2019

Amazing 😍

@xhellokitty96 July 2019

This is beyond amazing. it’s so mesmerizing

@yabbss July 2019

A question i’ve wondered for a while, what do you do with all the shavings?

@cristypaz59 July 2019

Benditas sean tus manos que habilidad!

@cariadgriffin last month

Please do more of these videos

@weezfriend last month

What does this look like finished?

@_calilol_ 2 weeks ago

@casi_is_lazy i love it so much

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