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Do you play any sports?
i'm a pair ice figure skater⛸
i'm on the train right now and can't stop thinking about game of thrones last night episode, it's literally stuck in my head and i keep feeling sad about it, l**o send halp...
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praticate qualche sport?
io pratico pattinaggio artistico di figura in coppia⛸
in questo momento sono in treno e non riesco a smettere di pensare all'episodio di ieri sera del trono ci spade, mi si è letteralmente fissato in testa e continuo a sentirmi in lutto, l**o aiutatemi...
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@mrhoneybread May 2019

@labriiola ❤️

@pfff_i_am_the_best May 2019


@margo_stich_ May 2019

I swim☺️☺️

@manuela_helen May 2019

Beautiful! look, there is the colors of brazil 🇧🇷💙💛💚

@sky_frosty30 May 2019

Track and field, b ball, v ball, base ball

@alinacampusano May 2019


@jade_lim_0 May 2019

How you mix these colours together ?

@lo.ve1065 May 2019


@hasti01386 May 2019

چطوری درست کردی

@niandragina May 2019

Sprint, basketball, football, swimming, ice skating, gymnastic,

@livy.barder May 2019

Soccer is my favorite

@westernsaddlerider May 2019

Barrel racing 🛢

@srifan76 May 2019

I play lacrosse 🥍 and i’m thinking of playing volleyball in the fall for my school

@magiccc.girl May 2019

I play badminton

@eyeslimey June 2019

I'm irish dancer 🍀

@lord_of_the_pop_tarts June 2019

Karate and zumba

@nba_layhiaa_24 July 2019

Basketball volleyball and soccer

@haikalammari last month

Yes i do gimnastic

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