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Met gala here we come. destination “camp,” so excited to co-chair anna’s event. #metgala #marcjacobs #(and i didn’t shave my legs for 4 days which really completes the look) #zoomin #ladygaga #fashion thank you @sarahtannomakeup for the jacob’s shwag

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@faria.lawyers 3 weeks ago


@mirandaakelli 3 weeks ago

Ugh so beautiful. role model forsure. i love you!

@neo_loft17 3 weeks ago

"Харкнул в суп, чтоб скрыть досаду". "Я с ним рядом срать не сяду". "А моя, как та мадонна, не желает без гондона".

@lina1222223 3 weeks ago

Вау, ты классная:3

@leandro.live2012 3 weeks ago

Rainha 💙💙

@vedernikova_antonina 3 weeks ago

Fantastic dress 😍😍😍

@paula_rsmartins 3 weeks ago

Maravilhosa essa roupa

@hairstyling_eleven 3 weeks ago


@codysuxx 3 weeks ago

You look like 2011 kesha

@pani_katerina_rus 3 weeks ago

Когда летишь на передачу "мужское женское "

@1r2o3c4 2 weeks ago


@marisolbyfaith 2 weeks ago

Love to meet you!! myqueen!😘🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

@pollockgregoryjohn 2 weeks ago

Didn't shave legs aye. hummmm no nookie.

@warriorkatia 2 weeks ago


@osmanmitht 2 weeks ago

Abla uçak senin mi

@skullscustomoficial 1 weeks ago


@vagabikinis 1 weeks ago


@e.m.b_manu 6 days ago


@leealopez 6 days ago

Love this look!

@emanuele.andrea 5 days ago

Favolosa 😍😍😍

@tamayo.clemente 5 days ago

My favorite rock star❤️

@iamdeboramia 4 days ago

You’re amazing !! with or whitout makeup you’re the same person, you are the lady gaga. and you’re the boss ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

@gangster_piggies2019 7 hours ago

Copying for sure

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