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5/3/19: mark-paul gosselaar @mpgosselaar
“as a kid growing up in texas, the only time i ever saw another asian person was on sundays at church. not at school, not in public. and of course, i never saw them on tv- i never expected to. instead, i fell deep in love with cartoons. and most of all, those end credits. that’s when you saw the names of all the asians who worked on the show. sounds silly, but simply reading the names kim, park, lee, etc. let me feel seen, included, represented.

fast forward a few years, there’s not a soul that doesn’t watch #savedbythebell. it’s basically the game of thrones of the 90s. somehow, i get wind that zack morris is asian. time out. tall, blonde, sharp nose, double-folded eyelids and this dude is asian?? turns out it’s true, mp is half dutch and half indonesian. i proudly carry this fact around with me for years, inserting it into every conversation appropriate and otherwise. it gave me so much pride to see the look in peoples eye’s when i told them the baddest mf on television was an asian guy, just like me.

fast forward a few decades, i’m on the set of #pitch with this giant brown-haired bear of a man. sorta quiet, doesn’t smile, he’s in it. no hint of preppie to be seen. i bend over to grab some sides and someone gives me a shove. i look up to see mp, slight grin behind the beard, pretending to look away. that’s when i see a glimmer of zack morris in his eyes, we’re brothers and together we’re proving that there can be two asian male leads on network television. at least for one season.”
- tim jo @hellotimjo

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