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Presenting: the vegan ramen burger (inspired by keizo shimamoto!). made these by searing @fieldroast fieldburger patties in a cast-iron skillet until browned on both sides, then sandwiching them between two compressed rounds of cooked ramen noodles. to complement the flavor of the fieldburger i also caramelized onions with the contents of the soup base packet and finished it all off with sriracha sauce, leafy greens, and some chopped scallions.
i’m on a plane right now about to takeoff and the flight attendant is giving me looks but i’ll be uploading videos with step-by-step instructions on my stories soon!
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@a_little_yellow_car May 2019


@margherita.imburgia May 2019

Looks so good!

@zuzamak2 May 2019

@su.ziee 😍

@alainasharpshair May 2019

Wow this sounds incredible and looks gorgeous 😍

@saffronancy May 2019


@mariaalrcon May 2019

@lau.przs mira

@lala.wishart May 2019

@brittcrawf 😍🤣

@morgans_munchies_ May 2019

Ooo yum

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@dunkar00 May 2019

This looks sooo good

@sea_and_emme_macrame May 2019


@javanese_vegan May 2019

Ramen burger!! this is brilliant! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

@gemtakesfoodpics May 2019

Ramen burger at home omg

@weiweiinsg May 2019


@soulfoodies.an May 2019

Interesting combination. looks delicious! 😋

@wawansatriaaa May 2019

What application do you use to edit photo?

@nycmouth May 2019


@madtasty May 2019


@bentontrickshots May 2019

Very good photo because of the composition. i think just need some lighting in this photo then great! 😉

@elishneider May 2019


@hellinthekitchen May 2019

Beautiful content! 😍

@eulie_v last month


@g.o.a.t_memer last month

Follow me for the greatest memes on any instagram page😂🙏🙏

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