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This is still one of my favorite portable lunches! tempeh avocado wrap, with smoky tempeh, roasted carrot hummus, tahini sauce, baby kale and spinach, red bell pepper, red cabbage, and avocado, packed into an ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla. (recipe on blog, linked in my profile)
one of my friends packed these wraps for his lunches one week and then decided to make them again for the following week, that’s how good he said they were hehe

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@vegan_universal April 2019

All your food looks awesome😍

@maelokiagan April 2019

😭😭looks sooo good😁

@phyloflife April 2019


@gmweho April 2019


@dash_of_happiness_ April 2019

Wonderful 🌿

@herbalist_osedebamen April 2019

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@misssocialeats April 2019

This looks so fresh and healthy! such an inspiring page for others who are trying to eat healthy like myself 😋🙌🏻

@catbotlabs.kitchen April 2019

Fantastic to look at as always 🙏❤️

@therainboweatery May 2019

What a precious lunch ⭐️

@100daysofrealfood May 2019

Lunch envy! - nicole

@carrietalkingmeals May 2019

This looks perfect for lunch!!!😊

@veginsanity May 2019

Looks delish!

@velvetsprout May 2019


@forceofnature_essentials May 2019

😲this looks incredible😋😋😋

@vegancommunity May 2019

Awesome recipes

@hannah_hardware May 2019

Can we make these @whygal

@aisharafibeyli9 May 2019

Su yemeyin tadi na baksaydimda

@mark_elizabeth5 May 2019

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@grieta1972 May 2019


@heygofit May 2019

These wraps look healthy, delicious and fun 💪😋

@_.cc1 May 2019


@_.cc1 May 2019


@gjinohh June 2019


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