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Texts to my teenagers. #420

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@blaiseleone April 2019


@eri.briana April 2019

@pookachus 😘

@eri.briana April 2019

@cherrycola07 😂

@eri.briana April 2019

@laurapants 😂😂😂

@aliisaksen April 2019

Get a grip sativa snorter 😹

@shelbykerin April 2019

“i’m calling the coast guard” 😂

@maviacasellas April 2019


@thisisroot April 2019

@sassiologist April 2019

5. you need to go to jail, hempo.

@chlobrud April 2019


@tresadrienne April 2019

#20... shouldn't you be addressing the problem that your teenager owns a taser? 😂

@tresadrienne April 2019

Also apparently rhyming and alliteration are very effective ways to say no 🤓

@isabellecampone April 2019


@heatherandersonhair April 2019

Ganja is for goons!🤣🤣🤣🤣

@knightgirljess April 2019

Love this

@earthmama75 April 2019

Yet opioid addiction is the real problem in the good ol usa. our children are given opioids after wisdom teeth removal or a broken bone. opioid addiction is the problem not weed. w**d helps immensely for cancer patients, epileptics, depression, anxiety & many others. not to mention it is legal. i used w**d edibles after having my spleen removed instead of morphine and other opioids i was offered. and my surgeon approved! w**d does not damage the liver, cause constipation, neurological damage or become addictive. so this chart should be about opioids!! hmmmm .... 🤔

@mami_connection April 2019


@rumproastnunu April 2019

@primington_bear i’m calling the coast guard!

@thesmokercaterpillar April 2019

I feel like a total paradox right now... reading this while i smoke a little joint in my kitchen now that my daughter and my husband are sleeping

@imdaddyapparel April 2019


@princesslibertarian May 2019

Nah w**d is good fam. i’m saving to invest in it but please spread your anti w**d rhetoric... it’ll keep my competition down :)

@nue.lingerie May 2019

Hahaha get a job you hippie wastoid.. hahahahhaa

@spaha_t May 2019

"yeah but alcohol is fine"

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