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I missed the first day of #apaheritagemonth! but don’t worry, i have so much coming at you the rest of this month/forever.⁣

yesterday evening, i met up with @sunnysaiup and our conversations restored my energy and my soul. she is so vibrant and determined. it is refreshing to meet people who share the same values and experiences as you and to feel like you’ve known them your entire life. ⁣

if you’ve been following me, you know that the start of this week (monday) was rough for me. it was heavy. it was traumatizing. as sai (ntxhais) reminded me, “when it rains, it pours.” and this couldn’t be more true going into this week. i leave you with one of the “milder” incidents.⁣

as it was the start of #apih month, i wrote an email to my coworkers to do their own research and include some asian pacific islander heritage history, folks, and/or accomplishments in their lessons. one of the responses i got back called out the only 3 asian passing staff members and if we could suggest historic events and a direction to go in to help them out because learning from us is such a rich experience. they then continued on to suggest an asian potluck. 😳⁣

it’s been said before and i’m reiterating it once again, “i am not here as your token asian. i am not here to teach you the history that your people created for my people. my culture and heritage is more than your admiration/approval of my garments and my people’s food. last but not least, we have google. use it.”⁣

#ootdinfluencedby brooke and jamie of @yokeandbore for their cute, quirky and fun poses. pictured here with me is my partner who takes most of my photos. my words and thoughts #influencedby emi of @little_kotos_closet and tiffany of @tiffanywongart. please go to their feed and stories to read and hear more about what we have all been saying for forever.⁣

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