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Dancer sean lew (@seanlew ) found his calling at the age of 4. “my first class gave me this feeling that i never wanted to lose ever again,” says the now 17-year-old. “and thanks to that feeling, i am where i am at today.”
sean continues to be guided by those feelings in his choreography, creating an art form that’s equal parts dancing and acting. “i hope to create a different perspective of art with the use of dance and acting together,” he says.
today on our igtv channel, sean performs a new routine where he expresses his feelings through dance, instead of words.
photo of @seanlew by @leegumbsphotography

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Kalau kakak pengen menghitamkan rambut beruban di usia remaja, bisa hubungi kami ya kak 😉✌

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Made my day

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Dancer cancer

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