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It’s that time of year where i precariously prop my phone up on random ledges in the neighborhood to take photos of myself and my sewing makes for #memademay, y’all! 💁🏻‍♀️
it is also asian pacific american heritage month #apahm, a time to celebrate, learn from, and amplify our collective aanhpi history—past, present, future.
in honor of both of these, i’ll be documenting all the #memade items i wear this month, committing to finishing all of my unfinished projects (this will be such a challenge for me—i have, like, 10 on the sewing table🤦🏻‍♀️), and sharing reflections throughout the month on a question my friend and colleague, @isarahha, posed: who are our ancestors? what is the legacy in which we build on? when i dig into these questions, i ask myself: who made it possible for me to be here today?
the second photo here is of my parents. (it’s also a photo of my 30th nameday and that is an ice cream oreo cake, since you asked.) these two have taught me so much about patience, love, sacrifice, and duty. they don’t often share the stories of how they got from #laos to the us, other than a dream of “better opportunities and education for their kids.” they don’t talk about what their dreams were for themselves—what they wanted to do or grow up to be. the decisions they made to leave their home country in a time of distress to come to a strange land and start over—that decision (among so many others) has allowed me to live a life of self-actualization, rather than survival. it has allowed me to get to today. and that is a privilege i have, because of them.
today’s details—dress is the #seamworkneenah in navy ponte, size 12/14 and lengthened by a few inches. pattern by @seamworkmag. fun fact: this is @jromero1226’s fave make of mine! (😂 don’t mind my face, it was a long day.)
#mmmay #memademay2019 #imadethis #sewing #seamwork #seamworkmakes #handmadewardrobe #apaheritagemonth #apahm2019

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@isarahha 4 weeks ago

Love all of this. and you. 🔥❤️🙌🏽

@jaaaaaaaake 4 weeks ago

I’m holding you accountable!! let’s clear out the unfinished projects. also love how much your parents have instilled in you over the years, it’s apparent every day that their hard work and devotion left a mark on your journey to self actualization. ❤️

@soukprida 4 weeks ago

@isarahha 😘 love youuuu😭

@soukprida 4 weeks ago

@jaaaaaaaake thanks for the accountability. and the words. and for taking the dog out at 3am. (👀 @wilbusdumbledog )

@wilbusdumbledog 4 weeks ago

@soukprida hey when i gotta go i gotta go

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I am certain that your parents are well aware of how grateful you are for the sacrifices they made. you give them much to be proud of my dear.

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