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Evian x chiara ferragni by @gt_creation_official 😍 it's so clear and fun to play with, unscented of course to maintain its clarity, definitely recommend💦
i'm finally back, how are you guys? took a break from slime cause things were getting super busy but now i'm back, finished all of my competitions so i'm more relaxed and ready for you all❤️
sono tornata, scusate la mia assenza ma le cose stavano cominciando a diventare complicate, ho finito tutte le gare quindi ora ho più tempo per concentrarmj sugli slime e sono più disponibile per voi! come state?❤️

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@galacticslimers April 2019


@slimeyta April 2019


@pinkyini28 April 2019

Was is made with evian water???

@pudumilk April 2019

Omg gorgeous 😍

@jaeyun_08 April 2019

@floreal.slimes vs @fruiteaslimes who would win
like if @floreal.slimes
comment if @fruiteaslimes

@liamgolan10 April 2019


@daayane_33 April 2019

@ainhoa_53_ el ojo sagrado está por todas partes

@_giuly022_ April 2019

@auroramarku22378 😂😂

@ghien.skincare April 2019

So clear

@ikonicverse April 2019

Oml your lighting is always so pretty where do you film @floreal.slimes

@x_chiara.carta_x April 2019

That’s ma name 😂😂

@nikagol2010 April 2019

Это просто отпат как ты их делаеш?!😢😍

@nikagol2010 April 2019

Скожи пожалуста

@rilynn_kaiser April 2019

How did you make this clear slime so stretchy can you give me what you put in it

@g.t__9 May 2019


@britn3yyyy May 2019


@offtheedit May 2019

@malin.cbs5 😍

@lonelytigran May 2019

Take your time queen

@vendira_el_sanatlari_art May 2019

Bu seffaf malzeme nedir

@qlexqndrqp May 2019

Clearer than my future😔😔

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