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Training day 🔈- the daily ongoing routine starting over a year ago while preparing for my free dive murals. @xkapu -
"deep seads" series explores the physical limits of both art and artist in hopes of raising awareness for the fight to save earth's coral reefs. hula begins by creating artificial reefs, which help jump start marine growth, and transforms the concrete and metal structures into murals by free diving to the ocean floor.

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Best 🖤💯

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Best 💯🖤

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Helllooo! just wanted to say, your photos are so dope and i gave some likes👍 especially recent ones! keep it up the good work as always. you can also follow me back and like👍 my photo's as well thanks😊

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This is a good picture but i don’t know if it is because of good lighting or place… maybe composition 😉👍

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Today i choose to give love❤❤❤ you are good

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Crazy crazy crazy

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As i had a look at your account, i liked your recent photos more 😊 very good 👏

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@caki_313 məşqə baxe a

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That body is insane 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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