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This march, we’re collaborating with buzzfeed news reporter and producer kassy cho of @world to find and highlight women around the globe who are making an impact in their local community and on instagram. ❤️ today, meet world adaptive surfing champion and physical therapist dani burt (@dani.burt ).

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@studio.classic7 1 weeks ago

روعة 😍

@prestartipro 1 weeks ago

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@_lisa.will 1 weeks ago

You’re amazing!!! what an inspiration🌟

@venky7786 1 weeks ago


@splatabug 6 days ago

I think i worked the day of your accident ,? stolen car chase , hit girl on scooter , sf . if not anyways , you are an inspiration see ya in the water shaka

@valitataee 6 days ago

God bless you !! 💛💚💜

@adjibichristelle 5 days ago

😁🤩😍 le handicap n' empêche pas de croquer la vie a pleine dent !

@vishal_gaikwad7753 4 days ago


@elicamgallery 4 days ago

چهقدر باحال

@danav2011 4 days ago


@danav2011 4 days ago

Мне тебя очень жалко 😢😢😢💖💗💙💚💝💜💛💞💟💌👒 но ты МОЛОДЕЦ ты не сдаёшся а идёшь только вперёд!!!

@_karodar 4 days ago

Ocean it wonderful place

@mr_bin_jahwei 3 days ago


@alda.vieira.9849 3 days ago

Kkk ese bb informa 🎉🎉🎉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉

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@lukesumberg 2 days ago

10,000th comment

@shaunp90 2 days ago


@cookingmastering 2 days ago

چه قشنگه

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@aforismisigchicchesia_ Yesterday

Idolo 🚲

@lorena.krasniqi2019 Yesterday


@lorena.krasniqi2019 Yesterday

Je je nach

@lorena.krasniqi2019 Yesterday

Foto apparatur von

@lorena.krasniqi2019 Yesterday

Foto von

@gilbertovalenzuela6 Yesterday

You're amazing

@agbemaflejustine 22 hours ago

So so marvelous

@alda.vieira.9849 15 hours ago

Muito relevante 😥😥😥😣😣

@alda.vieira.9849 15 hours ago

Boa noite 🍍🍍🍍

@anahita.7333 13 hours ago

از پست های ما لذت ببرید

@priyankaroy754 12 hours ago


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