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The start of a unique collaboration between twin brothers kapu and hula, combining their individual crafts of photography and street art to create one-of-a-kind murals and gallery pieces.
kapu starts the process with his dramatic photographs which are then delicately layered with paint by hula.
the duo draws their main inspirations from exploring diverse environments in nature while also bringing in their influence from their time growing up together on oahu, hawaii.

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@chiibot March 2019

Love this ❀️ what a cool concept!!

@michgastelum March 2019

Amazing!! you guys rock! mahalo for all you do! 😍

@luv2bemei March 2019

You guys are dope! love this concept. just plan old good art.

@reggaegerl March 2019

You guys rock ❀️

@pau_lopez23 March 2019

Amazingly beautiful work!

@prophecy.333 March 2019

So inspiring guys i got mad chicken skin watching dis one

@heartlikeawolf March 2019

Amazing! you both are so talented and do such incredible work. watching the culmination of both of you and your hard work brought tears to my eyes. truly beautiful ❀️

@tereunsainpintora March 2019

Bien por ese trabajo en equipo, se crece y se aprende más... oleeeeeeeee

@linseymorgans March 2019

Amazing... words are not enough to express how both your amazing talents combine and take my breathe away... thank you. πŸ’—

@k_a_i_y_o March 2019

I always wondered where my homie gabe ended up πŸ˜‚. you guys are πŸ”¨’s πŸ’―

@themyxxstudios March 2019

Wow! wow! wow! ridiculous!!!! stunning!!!!

@firbrush March 2019

Every time, when somebody asks me who's my favorite artist, i mention you! 😍you inspire me, and i adore your artworks. just extraordinary!πŸ™ˆ

@firbrush March 2019

Btw i love diving as well hahah

@sunnygirl72 March 2019

You are both so very talented 🌸

@daiph March 2019


@thewakarmane March 2019


@iynss March 2019


@ketheory April 2019

🌿 top level! πŸ¦‰

@chanelle_cupido April 2019

Absolutely amazing 😍😍😍

@99rwi May 2019

Ψ­Ω„ΩˆΩˆ πŸ’›

@for_kop_kem last month

Underwater it's somethingπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

@cayw00dyy 4 weeks ago

Unbelievable. 🀯

@franzricajean19 2 weeks ago


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