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When romanie-jade tulloch (@cakefacerj ) began using her face as her blank canvas, the creative possibilities skyrocketed. 🎨 🚀 “i remember thinking, why not try something artistic that will grab attention?” she says. “i knew from then on that using makeup to create illusions was exactly what i wanted to do.”
drawing inspiration from pablo picasso and claude monet, the 20-year-old makeup artist from nottingham, england, has always enjoyed painting. she brings that same creativity and attention to detail to her makeup looks — even incorporating real objects. “i use different props like paintbrushes, water glasses, honey jars, whatever comes to mind that suits the look,” she says. “i love the 3d element in my illusions.”
romanie-jade uses only makeup, not face paint, to create her looks, showing that makeup can transcend into a work of art. “i use makeup so people can see that there’s a lot more use out of that eyeshadow palette you don’t use a lot,” she says.
today on our story and igtv channel, breakfast is served courtesy of romanie-jade’s makeup skills.
photo by @cakefacerj

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@skinydip3 2 days ago

That look crazy on your face.😕

@luzmarinarondon8710 2 days ago

Que locura tan fantástica

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@misagh_138 2 days ago

@misagh_138 falow❤❤❤❤

@wobellaofficiel 2 days ago

I love love love it 😍😍😍

@freshpaper_bone 2 days ago

Wow extremely awesome

@hairbycalvina 2 days ago

Wow that’s talent

@huseyin95556 2 days ago


@huseyin95556 2 days ago


@huseyin95556 2 days ago


@huseyin95556 2 days ago


@huseyin95556 2 days ago


@huseyin95556 2 days ago


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@zady_suru Yesterday

I love😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

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@bruxinhahavaiana achei super vc😍

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@kunal_panchal94 Yesterday

😍❤️ supar

@izi998 Yesterday

Nice 🔥

@bruxinhahavaiana Yesterday

@vanessaburibaysp adoreeeei! pode me marcar sempre viuu! amo essas inspirações 😍 gratidaoo

@ruisantos.costa Yesterday

This is really talent though..🙏🏻❤️❤️

@mh7354139 Yesterday


@mh7354139 Yesterday

Č m bç

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@agbemaflejustine 22 hours ago

How can it's be

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@sloth_girl223 17 hours ago

Does she actually sew her face

@sloth_girl223 17 hours ago


@sloth_girl223 17 hours ago


@maryjaineassuncao 16 hours ago

@lainabeatrizlb olha essa👏

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