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Final look at my 3rd mural completed for my latest free diving reef series 🌊
"deep seads" series explores the physical limits of both art and artist in hopes of raising awareness for the fight to save earth's coral reefs. hula begins by creating artificial reefs, which help jump start marine growth, and transforms the concrete and metal structures into murals by free diving to the ocean floor.

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@betchypedz March 2019

@sunnygirl72 March 2019

Mind blowing 🌸

@caridadthl March 2019

Mira este artista... @p.elisee_21

@tounix07 March 2019

Dude!!!!! u r a beast .... good wishes from puerto rico . take car hula and keep inspiring

@thecynterested March 2019

You believe art in nature has limits...? hmmm, i don't :)

@scottymac_21 March 2019

Your f*****g amazing... thank you🙌🙏❤️

@angie__belle March 2019

U guys rock! im a fast fan... many blessings and cant wait for more! 🙏🏽

@marcelestemaestri March 2019

I love your work!👍

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@portraitsbybriscoe March 2019

@anatronen1971 wow !👍

@cvtoolez March 2019


@twintybeo_ April 2019

رسماته تجننننننن من جد so beautiful 😭

@brooke_herbs May 2019

@richardvdn just something i thought you might like to see. i loved it 😍

@inpuntadireve May 2019

You're a genius, guy ;)

@cocoy_is_here May 2019

@mama.juice 💗💗

@_.cc1 last month


@floydbrenda66 last month


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