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American milk from @gt_creation_official 🥛 super thick and unscented, in love!
releasing new content soon, be ready😜
i'm leaving for an ice figure skating pair seminar in berlin this thursday, i'll be training there for 10 days and i'm so excited to learn lots of new things, it's gonna be super tiring but really fun too and i'm sooo ready😍 i'll be vlogging and posting on @fedzampo so go follow and turn post notifications on😏
shop is stocked, use code "floreal15" for a 15% off discount on your order! link in bio!
giovedì parto per un seminario di pattinaggio artistico di coppia a berlino, ci alleneremo li per 10 giorni e sono super emozionata di imparare tante cose nuove, sarà super stancante ma anche molto divertente e sono prooontissima😍 farò dei vlog e posterò qualcosina su @fedzampo quindi andate a seguire e attivate le notifiche relative ai post😏
negozio rifornito, usate il codice "floreal15" per ricevere uno sconto del 15% sul vostro ordine! link nel bio!

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@lexie98789 April 2019

American milk?

@lulumakesflicks April 2019

Good luck 🎉🎉🎉🎉

@dogedadogo April 2019

Its not holo😢

@julias_slime_emporium April 2019

I never knew “american” milk was a thing someone please explain

@gagepavia April 2019

Oh i thought it was british milk

@giuliaahcarlini_ April 2019

La consistenza oddioooo sembra quasi di sentirla😍😍😂

@an1021_an April 2019

What ingredients are they made of?

@cool_ryc April 2019

I love a nice white thick slime

@okhandsignposts April 2019

This probably will get lost in the comments, but i post the same “👌” emoji everyday

@slimeyphilosophy April 2019

Whoa she posts a white glue ?

@slimeyphilosophy April 2019


@miriampocchiari April 2019

Fede ma sai dirmi quando e dove si farà il prossimo @slimecityita ??almeno dove😭😭❤️

@mariaantoniettapepola April 2019

Are you alive?

@_shaaa_privbb_ April 2019

I swear if people actually buy this i will diee😂😂😂😂 its literally plain whit glue slime

@chesca826 April 2019


@chesca826 April 2019

Follow me✨

@galacticslimers April 2019


@ale.rizzu May 2019

@alessandrabiondini ma quant’è soddisfacente?

@rashidjan90 May 2019

Please don't took short video's of this jelly thing i'm feeling pretty good to watch this video's 🤗

@t5ro May 2019


@londangrace_2008 July 2019

How do you make them

@londangrace_2008 July 2019

What ingredients

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