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This march, we’re collaborating with buzzfeed news reporter and producer kassy cho of @world to find and highlight women around the globe who are making an impact in their local community and on instagram. ❤️
after she was bullied in school for her dark skin, 12-year-old kheris rogers (@kherispoppin ) decided to start her own fashion line, flexin’ in my complexion, as a way to instill confidence in herself and others. “i have always had a passion for fashion, but i wanted it to have a positive message behind it,” said kheris, who designs all the clothing with the help of her older sister and best friend, taylor — who also manages her instagram account. “it does not matter if your skin complexion is dark, fair, light, freckled, albino or even green! you should always love yourself from the inside out.”
kheris said the messages she has received have helped her realize she is not alone: “there are millions of people around the world who can relate to my story in some way.”
—reported by kassy cho (@kassy )
stay tuned here and on @world to see more. #internationalwomensday photo by @kherispoppin

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Красота она в Африке красота!!!!

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