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Five years ago, we decided we wanted to make a big splash for all students who were committing to college—the same way we do athletes. every year on #collegesigningday, students across the country announce their plans to go to community college, university, trade or vocational school, or join the military—and the rest of us do our part to help them celebrate.

this year, i’ll be @ucla on may 1 with @bettermakeroom to do just that. and i can use your help to show the amazing young people in your community that we’ve got their backs, too. so i hope you’ll sign up to host your own signing day event in your community at bettermakeroom.org/collegesigningday. #bettermakeroom

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To the amazing young people: good job doing what so many have been able to do before you without all the extra attention. you've only just gotten in to college, university, trade school, and/or the military, the real work begins now. remember, when things get hard, the world owes you nothing, work harder.

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@frangarfgreenstein hi! we will not be selling tickets. this is a free event for invited schools in ca. please tune into the livestream — we’ll share details about that soon!! 😊

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@michelleobama you are an inspiration, a woman who found her voice early and using it to impact the world. i hope to see you one day. that will be an amazing dream come through.

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You are amazing! 💕 love how you’re doing so much to help humanity. you are still my first lady. reading your book is the highlight of my day currently and it’s very inspiring, thank you 🙏

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