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My 10th straight arnold strongman classic is in the books. sadly i tore my hamstring on my final 1051 lb/478 kg deadlift attempt and tried to fight through and did my best. it’s frustrating as all my training was on point and dialed in to bring a great performance this weekend and i couldn’t do that with the injury.
congrats to the top finishers @thorbjornsson @martinslicis @kieliszkowskimateusz on their great performances!
i appreciate all of the cheers, support, and love you all have given me this weekend...it means the world to me and all of you are a big part of why i work so hard day in and day out. let’s keep spreading the positivity and push everyday to be great!
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@tawnilovezombie last month

Way to put up a fight! you showed some extreme mental toughness that i truly admire. way to push big man 💪💪

@hunterhenderson18 last month

Praying for a quick recovery for you, you inspire me to be consistent and work hard in everything i do, you’re the real deal man 🤘🏻 @shawstrength

@brownis4u last month

Upset why are you not performing your best man shocked @shawstrength

@madmike9396 last month

You represent america greatly brian ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 get that hamstring healed up so you can get back out there and kick some a*s 💯💯💯 @shawstrength

@devin__wagner last month

Praying for a quick recovery brother!

@axeld44 last month

@shawstrength 💯 heart and awesome grit. always my favourite to watch

@eatgrit last month

Amazing effort man! get yourself back together and take another shot!

@huntyr23 last month

@shawstrength your still the best in my eyes brother ❤️

@808humblebulls last month

Heal up brother. come back with fire in your eyes and in beast mode..🔥💪🔥💪🔥💪

@kathihammer1 last month

You’re a fierce competitor! so proud of you! rest and recover. come back even stronger! see you next year. keep training hard. 💪🔨

@stone_konner_117 last month

Bryan over there looking like the kool aid man😂💪🏼 oh yea

@matthew_lamar last month

@shawstrength i have never seen so much man in one picture!!!💪

@daragan01 last month

Thanks for the awesome pic together brian!💪🏽

@heath.ab last month

Keep pushing big dawg! good luck w/ recovery!!

@cjcollins389 last month

You are still the champ in my books. much respect big man!

@ex_co7 last month

Still a legend! get well soon!

@classymeathead last month

Brian, hope you see this. best of luck with the injury from arnold strong and onto the next competition.
would you have been able to wear spiked cleats for this and if so do you think it would have helped?

@pascal.jc last month

It was really sad you could not compete. i was expecting a great struggle with thor. come back even stronger for the wsm events !

@gridley.chris last month

Shoulda stuck with nate. is @stanefferding going to make up the $50k a year you’re losing at the #arnoldclassic every year? 🤷🏼‍♂️

@vadymdon last month

Deadlift is always my favourite part of the strongman competitions. hopefuly next year you break the record brian

@filip.bebe last month

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@brians_faces last month


@nmarrera last month

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@nmarrera last month


@billbammarx last month

Injury updates? surgery? rest?

@soup_chief last month

Speedy recovery mate

@lorenzo_fornara last month

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@andrea.fantini00 last month

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@andrea.fantini00 last month

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@lorenzo_fornara last month

@andrea.fantini00 dopo le 10 che devo anda in trasferta

@willhummel21 last month

@shawstrength don’t let this one get you down! i hope you have a speedy and great recovery, and come back better than ever!

@almercury22 last month


@rohan_bosman last month

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@bjweetman last month


@take.care.your.life last month

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