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Who wants to play with us? πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜
happy week-end everyone 😊

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@naeyathechihuahua 1 weeks ago

Oh my dog !! u r too cute! can we be furiends? follow me bk?

@ambrathegolden 1 weeks ago


@nala.thewolf 1 weeks ago

Sooo beautiful!! ❀❀

@dominiquemangeot 1 weeks ago


@ds_collages 1 weeks ago


@fraaanzen 1 weeks ago


@_leah_andrews_ 1 weeks ago


@lifeisgolden11 1 weeks ago

You have got to be the winner of the best puppy dog eyes in the history of ever!! i’m sure you’ve heard that before but it is soooo cute

@matkamuija 6 days ago

Il est troooooop mignon!

@odilon_elpatron 6 days ago

Oooh! i would 😁

@timur.thepomsky 6 days ago

This picture is soo cute 😍❣️

@monsta_supps 5 days ago

I've been watching you for a while now, you are the most gorgeous boy ever!!! πŸ’™

@cakesbyquyen 5 days ago

@huydang1810 bαΊ‘n cocker này xinh á anh

@huydang1810 5 days ago

@cakesbyquyen nhìn yêu dã man 😍, Δ‘úng là do αΊ£nh kia chα»₯p ko có tâm mà =))

@savboyd6590 5 days ago

@janinehalsey faegans dad!

@janinehalsey 5 days ago

@savboyd6590 oh wow! maybe he is a cocker after all :)

@mel.kaufman 5 days ago

😍hes soooo precious

@jodi_teofilo 5 days ago

@lifewithtillz ❀️awww πŸ₯°

@les_chach0ux 5 days ago

C'est trop mignon 😍

@catherinewort 5 days ago

Omg even soppier than willow😍 @lydiaroseallen

@anna.banana.esp 5 days ago

@narcos_cockerspaniel he is soooooooo gorgeous! ❀❀❀😍😍😍

@narcos_cockerspaniel 5 days ago

@anna.banana.esp thank you πŸ™πŸ™ˆβ€οΈ

@anna.banana.esp 5 days ago

@narcos_cockerspaniel cockers are just the best! give him a kiss from me x

@katy_cooper_ 5 days ago

@ellieepearsonx like baby max

@elllpearsonx 5 days ago

@katy_cooper_ my baby 😭

@lifewithtillz 4 days ago

@jodi_teofilo aww like coco ❀️

@elathegerman 4 days ago

@andithegerman aaaaaaw❀️

@kaisa9808 4 days ago

Freaking adorable!!!!!!❀️

@peanutbutter__vibes 4 days ago

@hannahcatlady oh my lord

@whopoopedinmypurse 4 days ago

@llamallamafarmer lol fark that looks like juni with the tiger

@kieloneiti 4 days ago

@harald_helsinki joko sä seuraat tätä?😍😍

@toritorytorri 3 days ago

@oh_aubz he’s a cartoon come to life!!

@mikey_the_aussiedoodle 3 days ago

🐾this is so beautiful 🐾

@bonebitsusa 2 days ago

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@oh_aubz 2 days ago

@toritorytorri i cant deal!!!!

@cocoynini Yesterday


@benjamin_volot 5 hours ago

Comme il est chou 😍

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