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Year of the pig? you bet it is! today’s #weeklyfluff hamlet (@hamlet_the_piggy ) is ready to be extra-spoiled in 2019. 🐷
“it’s her year,” says her human melanie garcia. “her favorite accessory is her pink convertible, so i see a new car in her future.” this spunky potbellied pig from nashville, tennessee, sure deserves it. “hamlet has changed my life in so many ways,” melanie says. “at the age of 2, hamlet began to recognize precursor signs of my seizures. i had to stay in bed, and hamlet was always ready and willing to snuggle and stay in bed all day.”
photo by @hamlet_the_piggy

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@kproshchina 11 hours ago


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Follow me guys pig fans

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Piggy is so sweet

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@itz_neox 😂

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@milefagundes oowwnn, quando vc parar de comer carne eu te dou um. antes disso nao faz sentido.

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@eldinnnn nehh

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🔥 🔥 🔥 super

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@_luvella_._23_ 😂😂

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@reddevil_01_27 tu mare toh😂 tek adopt korta av😂

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So cute😍

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Siz bunamı günah hayvanı diyorsunuz mq

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Sys mgxmg

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@faty_dancer k

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A sweetheart

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😍😍😍 как мило

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Ayyyyyy ben senin o menak gözlerini yerim ben 💖💖💖 🐩🐩🐩 😀😀😀 😉😉😉 👍👍👍

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I love me a cutely dressed pig🐷👗

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Pigs are our friends not food.

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@felipedepintor quero uma :)

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