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Year of the pig? you bet it is! today’s #weeklyfluff hamlet (@hamlet_the_piggy ) is ready to be extra-spoiled in 2019. 🐷
“it’s her year,” says her human melanie garcia. “her favorite accessory is her pink convertible, so i see a new car in her future.” this spunky potbellied pig from nashville, tennessee, sure deserves it. “hamlet has changed my life in so many ways,” melanie says. “at the age of 2, hamlet began to recognize precursor signs of my seizures. i had to stay in bed, and hamlet was always ready and willing to snuggle and stay in bed all day.”
photo by @hamlet_the_piggy

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@danique_love_dance 4 days ago

@xx_esmee_x jeeeeejjj#

@rick.laramee 4 days ago


@rick.laramee 4 days ago

@rick.laramee yo bro

@ae9l9 4 days ago

@uiixl6 😂😂😂

@ae9l9 4 days ago


@babymyethan 4 days ago


@madsholgersen 4 days ago

Omg very funny !!!!!!!!

@ujju_909 4 days ago


@hzqaiman7 4 days ago

@tihahmnsr dasar anak bangsat

@bramuccicecilia 4 days ago


@uiixl6 3 days ago

@ae9l9 لا تضحك فضحتني

@marica_andreo 3 days ago

Ooww small pig 😍😮

@zumachscott 3 days ago

Looks like babe!

@glushkovaaleksa 3 days ago

Красивая свинка🔥❤️❤️

@whitneydewi 3 days ago

J d 8 e h28su4o j e j s jej r3jsnnw e.

@whitneydewi 3 days ago

Z 3 ke i 2 oosj🌞🌞🌞😭😭😭😭😭😭🖤🖤🖤😍h ejsj3i3ï irjrj w 83i iei2iwiej 3 dhejwjej3jjejeiejeki3irieuzi1i arewo wesii zw1o mpd o eoriririr 2o30 0 8iii89iiioi9888i0099990000iok ede o33o2ji s j

@sonu_vidwata 3 days ago

Piggy please all like my pic 🙏

@rondoncjeimypaola 2 days ago

Tan lindo

@glorinha_oliverr 2 days ago

Ow q lindaa

@chindytambunann 2 days ago

@lia_sitohang 😄😄😄

@moh3n.note4 2 days ago

@farshad56.56 خداوکیلی چی داره این که لایک کردی؟؟؟؟

@__shooqis Yesterday


@rosibelv3n1973 Yesterday

Omg it’s so cute

@yolandagomez848 Yesterday

Hola esta divina

@leskinen.hanna Yesterday


@williambaker6553 22 hours ago

Did you know that pigs are very smart

@mashamirosha 21 hours ago

Lovu 😍

@caca.montenegro 16 hours ago

Tão fofo

@hadi788015 14 hours ago

اح اح حالم بهم خورد😝😝😝😝

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@tunmuito 9 hours ago

Fl lb <3

@harukacxpz 2 hours ago

Twins @karin_.cpl :v

@karin_.cpl 2 hours ago

@harukacxpz you b*tch ù<ú

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