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Two years ago, robbie cook first made mandala magic with his intricate designs. ☸️ the process proved to be a powerful creative outlet for the artist from leeds, england. “when creating a mandala, i always measure out the angles and draw the lines to the millimeter to ensure as much symmetry as possible,” says robbie. “it’s kind of obsessive... but i love it. i have a few other obsessive tendencies, so having an outlet for them, and getting something down on paper, is super therapeutic.”
see more of robbie’s art, today on igtv and our story.
photo by @rob.c.art

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Que criativo

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Beauty art 😍😍

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Great design

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Bagus banget

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Looks like indian ,"rangoli art" .

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Осень красиво

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@digito.303132 ala vestia esta chido 💗😍

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Good picture

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😮so good

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Follow me👍

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Gerçekten ama gerçekten bu işleme çok güzel olmuş 💖💖💖

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Qué lindo soy una niña me llamo hiñ

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