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Warning: sheena liam’s (@times.new.romance ) hand-embroidered creations may not be based on real people... but they may induce some serious hair envy. “i’m not a person who can sit idle,” says the artist and model, who is originally from penang, malaysia, and now lives in nyc. she learned the basics from her mother as a child, and picked back up her needle and thread to stay occupied during her commute and in her free time. “the internet introduced me to artists with new and contemporary ways of approaching the medium,” says sheena. “it made me realize the potential of embroidery beyond the traditional.”
tune in to today’s story to see more of sheena’s embroidery style. 🧵
photo by @times.new.romance

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Looks very special

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Nice pic

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Waw very nice

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@colorinsita que hermoso 😍

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Fashion illustrations

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🔥 🔥 🔥 super

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@memes_puaka from penang yaw

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This is really a great account! 👍🏻😀 such a large collection of such beautiful photos! really inspiring! 😍🙋🏼‍♀️

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Cool 😃

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Nice job! plz visit my account too🙏💗

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Dieu merci pour la suite de la vie

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Linda foto trabalho manual

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@tam_casillas7 haz uno así!

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@ese_wey está genial!!!! te haré una 👴🏻 jajajjaa 🤭

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@tam_casillas7 jajajajaja pero ya sabes que copete quiero!

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@ese_wey te haré uno rockabilly 🤣

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@tam_casillas7 mejor uno como el de los tigres del norte, con mechón blanco! 😂

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@ese_wey 🤣🤣🤣 de zorro plateado!

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@tam_casillas7 jajajajaja no tanto, sólo un mechoncito! tú podrías ser la zorra plateada así tipo marge!

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