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“feeling the water with my feet, listening to the water move, and the constant flow of water reminds me that everything will pass. and all with grace and beauty, the river reminds me of who i am.”
souad farag is 28 and a financial professional working as an investment development director. what’s most important to souad is creating positive energy for herself and others, to make life easier, and to connect people. this value can be seen in her avid volunteerism since she was in her youth. she co-founded a nonprofit called “girlzniteout” with her sister when she was 21, an empowerment program dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for young women to be themselves and grow. 7 years after the organization was founded, her proudest accomplishment is the sisterhood bonds she helped create and how parents tell her that, “because of the programs, their daughter(s) are better people; more focused, driven, caring, the women they are is in great part due to the programs they attended that helped shaped them as they discovered who they are and are capable of being.” now “girlzniteout” has developed into “hopefemmeyyc” (hope stands for: harmony. ownership. passion. empower.) it’s a movement that empowers women to take ownership and embody their passions harmoniously. when she is not working at her day job, attending to her role as executive director of hopefemmeyyc, sitting on advisory boards, mentoring young people, or volunteering elsewhere, souad loves being outdoors, reading, or finding a good adrenaline rush from sports or experiences. souad told me what inspires her and motivates her the most is love. she continued, “love yourself, love your creator, love nature, love others, love. love love. love being kind, respectful, punctual.” she hopes to be perceived as someone “who loves others, without condition.”

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@abbydarwish February 2019

Love this and this lovely lady😍

@kay_ayub1 February 2019

@souadyyy is truly one of the nicest and most inspirational people i know ❤️

@allisonyoussef February 2019

Beautiful woman and gorgeous outfit! 💚

@pao.marina February 2019


@nature.gemz February 2019

This story is so inspiring!!😁

@barbara_kraemer March 2019


@amanizali May 2019

Souad has inspired me so much. when you meet her, she has this positive aura around her and loves to make everyone around her comfortable and happy. her smile is beautiful and comforting and when i was younger i always felt so calm around her. one of the best people i've met.

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