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Birthday celebrations, lady gaga concerts, sweet outfits and color monuments. it doesn’t get much brighter than that. “life is too short to live in black and white,” says tisha (@teamsparkle ). to celebrate her birthday, tisha drove from her los angeles home to see lady gaga in las vegas. on her way, she found seven magic mountains, an outdoor installation by swiss artist ugo rondinone, and another reason to add more color to her life. #whpcolorwheel photo by @teamsparkle

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@deawulan._ 4 weeks ago

@valerina_evaaa hmmm

@valerina_evaaa 4 weeks ago

@deawulan._ why??

@instafit_1000 4 weeks ago


@artemasbogota 3 weeks ago

Línea juvenil e infantil me gusta

@death_shadow0_0 3 weeks ago

Oh t**t nice

@ncube.nobuhle 3 weeks ago


@lindaolarte 3 weeks ago

Pintemos las piedras así @marcelafuentes77 jajaja

@scatpack392b5 3 weeks ago

Colors 👍

@tohid5098 3 weeks ago


@rivianemendoncada 3 weeks ago

Yccjbvcggfdjgx sfzbssjg zvxzvgxvxnmzgzjxf z svxhbxcz znsns a hab da nm zn cm cf zn a hz ldl dvxgb na xgzgsgsg. xhcgcggd y xc si.

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@banter_snitch 3 weeks ago

Next trip @nick_ncube

@scatpack392b5 3 weeks ago


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@rosie.aloha.98 1 weeks ago

There is nothing like awesome colors like that to make the whole world light up!

@maks_kisko 6 days ago

Нормально так ✌🏼😌✌🏼

@juttwasif62018 5 days ago

Very beautiful

@jenny.cadena 4 days ago


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@maogafaith Yesterday

Happy birthday

@mohd.alaaraj 16 hours ago


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