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Happy friyay everybody. hope everyone has a fun filled weekend planned! i'm gonna be spending mine drawing, painting and dancing with my fave people 🙃 as if it's february already! i feel like i blinked and january is oveerrr. super productive month though! what did you guys accomplish in january? 🙏 ✌️
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@nidhicreations 3 weeks ago

So pretty 😍

@rob.c.art 3 weeks ago

@nidhicreations thanks 😄😄

@mandalasforlesvos 3 weeks ago


@rob.c.art 3 weeks ago

@mandalasforlesvos ❤️

@mandalatoons 3 weeks ago

Amazing as always 🔥

@rob.c.art 3 weeks ago

@mandalatoons thank you 🙏

@creativity.is.music 3 weeks ago

Love the watercolor! can't wait to see the finished piece!

@rob.c.art 3 weeks ago

@creativity.is.music cheers! can't wait to add in the stars 😄 always finishes a piece nicely

@nemesiskorr.art 3 weeks ago

This is lovely! i love the colours 🖤

@martruida 3 weeks ago

Cool cool cool!✌🏻

@anushaivaturi 2 weeks ago

Amazing! can't wait to see the finished picture!😍❤️💙

@ryangregory06 2 weeks ago

I've probably had the most productive month dedicated to my art yet. and it's january right, pretty crazy, normally such an unproductive month. yay 💚

@yassi.gc 2 weeks ago


@thespiralshed 2 weeks ago

@ryangregory06 me too! i was just going to write the same thing. i've discovered what my art is this january. also what is isn't. learnt a lot and so f*****g excited about creating more.... glad it's not just me.

@rob.c.art 2 weeks ago

@thespiralshed this is so great guys! definitely best to just push yourself at the start of the year 🙏 let's hope the rest of 2019 goes the same way!

@rob.c.art 2 weeks ago

@nemesiskorr.art thank you as always ❤️

@lada_ligay 2 weeks ago


@obekahhh 2 weeks ago

@kimcassyyyy ♥️

@ingaisaacs 2 weeks ago

This is amazing do you use an app or is everything freehand?

@blacksearizn 2 weeks ago

I am starting a series of micro cultures which will address the bauhaus aesthetic but also with some graffiti art on the surfaces.

@xm4bax 6 days ago

I just had a look at your photos. your perspective is normal but composition is great! just wanted to say 😉✌

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