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Quick time lapse of how i paint my watercolour galaxies ✨ i get a tonne of questions about these when i post on my story so thought i'd give some examples here and a couple pointers for how i create them.
if you have any questions hit me up in the questions! ✨first is to make sure you have a good quality watercolour paper. i like to use 300gsm as it stops the paper warping so much when it gets wet.
✨second is to make sure you wet the paper thoroughly before applying colour. this let's the colours bleed more and blend together a lot easier!
✨third is to start with the lighter colours/tones and get darker as you build them up.
here i'm using @winsorandnewton watercolour paint (block colour rather than gouache - just a personal preference) on @hahnemuehle_global 300gsm textured watercolour paper 🙏✌️
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@dhyanastringart 2 weeks ago

Just amazing!! 😍😍

@moheenipauldesigns 2 weeks ago


@bejiali_ 2 weeks ago

Beautiful 😍

@madota_handcraft 2 weeks ago


@bujowithchris 2 weeks ago

This is so beautiful!😍😍

@lovechildoriginal 2 weeks ago

How does it not go outside the circle work please ?

@lovechildoriginal 2 weeks ago

Stunning art & use of colours

@rob.c.art 2 weeks ago

@lovechildoriginal i just make sure i only wet the paper up to the edge of the circle! and then with the ink being waterproof it keeps it inside the border 😄

@lovechildoriginal 2 weeks ago

@rob.c.art wow ! thank you !

@mistrydoodler 2 weeks ago

😍 mesmerising

@perfectdrifter 2 weeks ago


@weebsurfer 2 weeks ago

You need a you tune channel. watching you work is therapeutic as heck!!! ☺

@esmeevandevelde 2 weeks ago

@maritt23 😍

@elitefoodieguide 2 weeks ago


@allylifestyle 2 weeks ago

Dope 👏

@theshannonsharma 2 weeks ago

@whitwoodcock 🌱🤩♾

@did.obrico 2 weeks ago


@artphotog 2 weeks ago

Such a cool technique. thanks for sharing! can you create stars after doing this?

@merleau_ 2 weeks ago


@jonathanwex 2 weeks ago

Quite literally watercolor. beautiful!

@thefeelgoodmum 2 weeks ago

😍 i may have to attempt this x

@kello1031weenie 2 weeks ago

Amazing, beautiful work🙏✨thank you

@cinus97 2 weeks ago


@baksilya 6 days ago

Meraviglioso 👏 Великолепно!

@hanahoustova 6 days ago

Beautiful 💎

@moonchilddesignsco 5 days ago


@gazal.shukla 4 days ago

Wowww 💕

@teddyboo.boo 4 days ago

👏👏👏👏 awesome

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