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“the older i get the less i know anything is for sure”
wedad is 29 and owns and designs her own clothing line, afflatus hijab, based out of edmonton, ab. her biggest hope is for her business to be seen and worn widely and be as successful as possible. one moment that exemplifies this goal was when she showcased her line at maarkah new york fashion week. it was her proudest moment because “it was something that was completely out of my comfort zone, it totally scared me to do it. but i did it and was able to accomplish a long-life goal.” when she is not dedicated to growing her business, she is very family oriented, noting that she loves simply hanging out with her family, husband, and friends. when i asked wedad what’s most important to her she told me, “to treat people with respect.” she continued to say, “often times when people start doing good in their business or start receiving attention they become self-absorbed and lose the humbleness. my goal for my life is to just treat people with respect and to never think you are better than anyone else.”

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@aalyaland February 2019

Humility is a facet of faith.

@afflatushijab February 2019


@mariam.raj February 2019

Such a beautiful reminder to stay humble. the more respect you give away, the more you’ll find returning back to you.

@abbydarwish February 2019


@_salam.el February 2019

Can she please design some islamic swimwear 🙌

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