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The #motox4 mirror black is a stunner from every angle . ✨ .
still one of best choice ( price tag ) of motorola phone in 2019 🔝Ⓜ️ .
#motorola #motorolafans #differentisbetter #hellomoto 📸by @ruben_anudeep .
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#motorolafans #motorolaone #motoone
#motorolaone #motoz3play #motoz2play

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@another_photographer_08 January 2019

Check my feed for photographs from this mobile i got x4 mirror black it's actually awesome

@photography_hegde January 2019


@19nasim January 2019


@ayush_bhatia44 January 2019

Updated it to android pie last week! running smoothly, no bugs, new animations and moto features.. love it❤️

@amarpayton January 2019

I love it so much! can't wait for pie to finally get to the amazon prime variant!

@romansanchezapolinar January 2019


@kos.sokol January 2019


@nugrahaerfan January 2019

Hello motorola fans, i want to ask a very important question, is there still a motorola in the territory of indonesia or has revoked the license and cooperation of its official distributor? because my z2 play is problematic, but i am not looking for an official motorola indonesia service center, i have tried contacting motorola's official indonesian call center on social media, in an email, even i have called the call center number has no response and answer, while the cellphone i am still guaranteeing, thank you, please provide answers and explanations 🙏🙏

@arielrojasbassdrum January 2019

😍😍yo tengo mi moto x4 y es lo mejor i love it❤️📱

@urstruly_harsha.s January 2019

Please improve battery optimisation

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