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hello, world! for today’s #weeklyfluff, we’re having a ball with goma, a 5-year-old poodle who’s been groomed to be incredibly well-rounded. according to his human, yoriko hamachiyo (@yorikokoro ), it takes two hours to transform goma into a circular sensation. thankfully, yoriko is a dog groomer and owns a pet salon, where goma gets the supermodel treatment he deserves.
see more of goma and let this fluff ball bounce into your life, today on our story.

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@pierrecajuel 18 hours ago

I want one!

@pras13yudha 18 hours ago

So cute

@shawbisla 17 hours ago


@annemri_ 17 hours ago


@nzodjoujustinpopulaire 16 hours ago


@bridnevasvetlana 16 hours ago


@bridnevasvetlana 15 hours ago


@sarahoematan 14 hours ago

So cute

@mdrihanrifatctg678 14 hours ago

Very cute

@_sphoto2017_ 13 hours ago


@kallio.ep 12 hours ago

@hnnasi 😄

@jorgerafael2 12 hours ago

Curti minhas fotos que vou retribuir todo mundo que curti ok

@jerr87 12 hours ago


@dimon19801312 12 hours ago


@migue_pomares 12 hours ago


@b0958102028 12 hours ago

哇, 好漂亮的狗狗

@hnnasi 12 hours ago

@kallio.ep onko hän pallokala 🤔

@conley2162 11 hours ago

Such a cutie! 🐾💙🐾

@ki.ra2280 11 hours ago


@josefneckar 10 hours ago

Děs a hrůza. jak může někdo, kdo tohle udělá, tvrdit, že miluje zvířata?

@reignlee20 10 hours ago


@patient666 10 hours ago


@karli27_ysf 10 hours ago


@djjanim_042 9 hours ago


@pachomow.de 9 hours ago

Nice 👍🤪

@rubila24 9 hours ago


@cingoz_irem1 8 hours ago


@best_brittany29 5 hours ago


@mariamarletet 4 hours ago

@laurdiy 8

@live.love.fortnite 3 hours ago

Nice hair cut doggy i likeeee it

@live.love.fortnite 3 hours ago


@marigorria_ 2 hours ago

@camilleldbt je viens de découvrir qu'instagram à un compte instagram

@kaufenberga 2 hours ago

What the

@sean.maldo 2 hours ago

That is so fluffy

@californiajazz_ 1 hour ago

@josefina_altamiranda imagine if you were a doggo that looked like this

@daviprocg 1 hour ago


@vrc.angel171 1 hour ago

"👀" i can't believe i'm viewing such a puff pup. please, tell me you are going to let him/her become normal looking, you, when you have gotten all you want from your precious animal. i would say a 🐩 poodle, yes?

@iranianwomencare 5 minutes ago

فوق العاده!

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