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Photo by @seanstumblingthrough
eight months of waiting for a permit. three miles (5 kilometers) of hiking through unmarked trails. one photo that defies expectations. that marks sean han’s (@seanstumblingthrough ) journey to the wave in the paria canyon-vermilion cliffs wilderness near the arizona and utah border. but seeing this prehistoric dinosaur hangout spot in person was worth it. “most people would never expect to find such striking colors and patterns in the middle of the desert,” sean says. #whpunexpected

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@fabian.mora.1614460 13 hours ago

Wooooo genial que foto

@fabian.mora.1614460 13 hours ago


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@rooyeshe_moo 12 hours ago

فوق العاده!

@vasylievoleksandr 12 hours ago


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@maxemcwi 11 hours ago

Well worth it. thank you for sharing.

@isha_durga 10 hours ago


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@lopesalvesirene 9 hours ago

Que lindo isso é maravilhoso muito bonito

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@cristianaugustoh 8 hours ago

Ese es mi hijo q tal

@aleksilin86 8 hours ago

а это ничево

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@a.griffith1994 5 hours ago

Awesome place

@dotzihaka 4 hours ago

Wow beautifull

@janiyah.holt 3 hours ago

You are so funny

@marie_steel 2 hours ago


@vrc.angel171 2 hours ago

Looks like he's parting a sea of multi colored smooth

@vrc.angel171 2 hours ago

@vrc.angel171 sorry, i didn't finish my last post. multi colored and extremely smooth rocks.

@sultanashma 2 hours ago


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@saucyakld 7 minutes ago

Incredible! 🙏

@alexplata0 1 minute ago

Estoy celebrando que ya llegue a 11,594 mil gracias 🙏 vallan ami historial piquen le en regalo 🎁 y miren lo que estaré regalando

@eats_n_brews in a minute

Wow, it looks like a painting

@glamupgear in 12 minutes


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