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Photo by @seanstumblingthrough
eight months of waiting for a permit. three miles (5 kilometers) of hiking through unmarked trails. one photo that defies expectations. that marks sean han’s (@seanstumblingthrough ) journey to the wave in the paria canyon-vermilion cliffs wilderness near the arizona and utah border. but seeing this prehistoric dinosaur hangout spot in person was worth it. “most people would never expect to find such striking colors and patterns in the middle of the desert,” sean says. #whpunexpected

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@lindadillon4186 2 weeks ago

How did you find it?

@_allisonhekter 2 weeks ago

@kaaarinagee okay

@thriftlyspeaking 2 weeks ago


@borntregerlydia 2 weeks ago

Oh wow.... that’s so beautiful and amazing!!!

@mziri_n96 1 weeks ago


@mziri_n96 1 weeks ago


@mziri_n96 1 weeks ago


@m5.4l 1 weeks ago


@rshslm9837 1 weeks ago


@546485tchutchunesjojo 6 days ago

Que chouriço 👏👏👏

@orhan9217 6 days ago


@shytwn_14 6 days ago

توي عديت منيه 😪

@_nasha_strana_ 6 days ago

Красиво👍 Где это ?

@mimi_mimita10 6 days ago

Wow 👍👍

@dukvaha_11 6 days ago


@jzmora42014 6 days ago


@melittawiener 5 days ago


@naito_future 5 days ago


@gina_de_sousa_ferreira 5 days ago

@jorgegasparferreira 💖👌 quero uma foto aqui 😉

@shafeeq.ahmed.58958343 4 days ago


@amit__shrmaa 3 days ago


@martamendoza423 2 days ago

La perfección , belleza natural inmensamente hermoso,waowaowao♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍

@azarailham 2 days ago

سبحان الله

@azarailham 2 days ago

ماااشااء الله تبارك الرحمن

@marieluiserabol 2 days ago


@cameron.thompson.9400 2 days ago

Fantastic pic 👍

@orhan9217 Yesterday


@sgrbr8 Yesterday

ذخییره گالری

@zaheerahmedrajput Yesterday

It is my dream to visit it.

@elryd851 Yesterday

That is awesome to see all that color

@alvaro.rodrigues.37625 13 hours ago

Lindo gostei muito bom

@demarcus.bailey.357 5 hours ago


@prayekti__ 5 hours ago


@rahmat.hidayat.9003 2 hours ago


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