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Video by @pastagrannies
vicky bennison (@pastagrannies ) travels all over italy filming one of the country’s most delicious traditions: grandmothers making pasta by hand. “but it’s not just about the pasta,” says vicky, who lives in london. “it’s about food anthropology. it’s about these women and the traditions.” while she was doing research on italian cuisine several years ago, vicky noticed that the tradition of women making pasta from scratch every day was fading. she wanted to document it while it was still alive.
with an italian friend who vicky calls her “granny finder,” she tracks down grandmothers across italy who specialize in different shapes and styles of pasta — cavatelli, anolini, orecchiette — and joins them for a meal. “they’re very generous with their time, and happy that the project is about saving traditions,” says vicky. “i want to celebrate these women and the experience of ordinary cooks, because they cook every day for love. they’re cooking to feed their family and the soul of the family.” 🍝
watch italian grandmothers in the basilicata region hand-make pasta today on our story and on our igtv channel.

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@eastonwissi 16 hours ago


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@_ilhame_1974 16 hours ago

😮 nusolsun

@sarahoematan 14 hours ago

Good home pasta

@evelyn_orfeii 14 hours ago

Mi piace l'idea di pensare che sarebbero potute essere tua mamma e mia mamma da vecchie che pensano a preparare il pranzo per tutti noi ♡ @alexis_panto

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Это че за казявки

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This is granny slavery i’m calling the fbi there be here soon🙅🏻‍♀️

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راجب ربات اینستاگرام شنیدی میدونی میتونی باهاش ماهیانه چند کا فالوئر ایرانی و فعال جمع کنی و خودکار پیجتو شبانه روز اداره میکنه اگر اطلاع بیشتر میخای یا میخای کسب و کارتو پردرامد کنی به دایرکت بیا و با کارشنسای ما صحبت کن🤓

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I do love pasta

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👏biztos finom

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Amazing they seem to cook well though

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@sarh_abdullah56 😭😭😭

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@marwaaldubakel من ردنا نشتغل سوة يم عطية 😂😂😂

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@_polastrini_ eu e vc quando finalmente conseguimos comer o churros

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They look so kind i love old people 🙌

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@s.white07_ 😂😂😂

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@karolayne_vecchio estou só esperando esse churros sair

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Are this freanch fries

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