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ready for a morning kiss? it’s not unusual for holly (@hollyupnorth ), a 5-year-old australian shepherd, to go up and greet vicky, a 3-year-old miniature horse. but no one could have expected what happened next. 😝
“often, holly licks the horse, but this time vicky licked back and holly wasn’t sure what to think about it,” says dani peterson, the human behind the lens. “this challenge opened the idea of looking not for that picture-perfect moment, but for the odd moments that are weird in their own way and tell their own story.” #whpunexpected

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@sallmaryem ohje😂

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Waoo . beautiful capture

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This is sooo cute

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Sigueme y te sigo

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All of us achieve a record number
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💝so cute

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So cute

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. .

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Awesome 😍

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كل الحيوانات تعرف الحب معنى بل معاني إلا الإنسان تجاه أخيه وكان الفيلسوف شوبنهاور صادق حين قال الإنسان ذئب لأ خيه الانسان

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وقتي حيونا اين گونه رام ميشن چگونه است كه بعضي انسان ها با هم كنار نمييان و گذشت ندارن

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دیگر نگران ریزش و کچلیه خود نباشید😍رویش مجدد موهای ریخته شده ب صورت تضمینی با محلول گیاهی😍😍😊

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İyi gunlet

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Very well said.

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Beautiful photograph! 👌🏻

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Trop mignon 😍❤️😂😢🔥

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@matildeyuqui 9 hours ago

So cute

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Que lindo mi vida jaja

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